Seeing purple dots, please help



Mrs Brethy here, please could someone help as to why we are suddenly seeing purple and white dots on the sky listings pages. They are always in the same place and on the dark and light blue background, however when you go onto a channel they disappear. I have gone onto screenwipe as I was scared they were dead pixels (only had the 42pd5000 for four weeks!) but this showed a full white screen?, did notice however that when I went back onto sky listings after the screen wipe there were fewer dots. Have we a problem with the plasma or is it Sky, by the way I got a free replacement dish and pace box off sky yesterdayas ours had died, could this be anything to do with it. Sorry for the long post any help would be gratefully appreciated.:confused:

don't think it's dead pixels as you'd be seeing the problem at all times "I think".

Judging that you've just had your sky changed this could well be the culprit. But I wouldn't make any asumtions. If possible try pluging in another sky box ?

Or try another tv to see if you have the same problems with the sky box this may or may not prove much but worth a try...
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Did you have mushrooms for tea?

No and I hadn't been drinking either:laugh:

Thanks for the reply Depsi, the spots are still there today but only on the blue bars on the listing pages, they don't appear on the blue bars when you're on a channel, very odd. As long as it isn't the plasma I'm not too bothered, I don't know what a dead pixel looks like so I was a bit worried.

Mrs Brethy
Sky boxes have a 'contrast' setting on the picture settings menu. Perhaps the new box is set to a different contrast setting than the old one and hence the picture is looking different? Try the three different contrast settings and see if it helps.
A dead pixel I believe occus when the screens are being manufactured. They are blue dot(s) (well the one on my LCD monitor is) anyway any dead pixels are normally evident as soon as you purchase your machine.

I'm not too sure if they occur after some use.....

I wouldn't make any assumtions at this stage and try the process of elimination.....

Check if the sky box is ok .....
if it's not faulty test the leads ......
and finally check the screen.....
Thanks for all the help guys I''ll get Mr Brethy to check everything over when he comes home.
Different thought.
Could it be the way that plasma's make up the darker colours, by moving around its colours (can't think of the name of it but has been discussed here before). This may be caused by the new sky box being set to a different brightness level from your old broken one.
Just a thought.:blush:
Thanks Roalndrat it's very difficult to explain but when you look at the dots they seem to be made of 4 pixels (I think) and these "squares" are coloured purple on the dark blue and white on the light blue. They remain in the same place when you go through the different menus ie service, box office etc but disappear when you go onto a normal channel which makes us think it is sky related, not the plasma.:confused:
In which case it does sound more like a Sky box problem, and the only way to prove that is to plug it into a different TV.
It could possibly be a fault with the graphics overlay chippy thingy (tech speak sorry!), that stuffs the graphics over the sky image.

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