Seeing a pwd8 in person up north!



You wouldn't buy a car without driving it first, even if you're buying a Ferrari, so where did everyone test drive the ferrari of all plasmas- the PWD8?
I'm in Leeds and have found only Richer sounds sell any PW's and both Sheffield and Leeds are all out of Panny panels...
Is there an online place that do demo's? If so can anyone recommend a place in the north?
I go to Sutton in Surrey every couple of weeks and i could be persuaded to take a trip to Sheffield or Newcastle if there is a good shop nearby, so any advice is welcome!


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i bought one without seeing it in person. I can promise you, you won't be dissappointed!


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Steve_Whelan said:
If you are willing to travel to newcastle try LE concepts at the Metro Centre
I was impressed with LE Concepts when I was working out what I wanted, steered me well away from the Hitatchi PD5xxx's by saying that I could do much better for less money, eventually chose a PWD7 from Av-Sales and am extremely happy with it.


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steve_peak said:
i bought one without seeing it in person. I can promise you, you won't be dissappointed!
I'm afraid I also broke the 1st rule of buying a TV in not seeing it in person :D But as Steve says, you won't be disappointed. With the PWD8 being a commercial panel, the opportunity to check them out is limited unless you are willing to travel. I couldn't, so took a chance, and it has paid off :smashin:

Neil F Holland

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Martin (MAW) of the Bigger Picture is in Cobham - you'll almost certainly pass very close to him on your way to or from Sutton...

Suggest you PM him and see if he has a PWD8 on demo... :thumbsup:


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Recieved my 42PWD yesterday, got it up on the wall last night and it really is tremendous and I havent even set it up correctly yet. I never viewed it previous to buying it, in fact I bought my whole system which includes the Denon 3805 and KEF 2005.2 speakers without demoing any of them.

Now I know a few on here will say I was foolish, but really these components are widely regarded throughout the AV forums community as top notch. Now since I'm not a visual or sound engineer, I wagered that my senses would not find much wrong with the gear I bought, so after many months of reviewing everything I took the plunge. Im sure that once it's all setup correctly I will have a cracking system.

Think if I had worryed about deming everything I would still be watching my old 32" Sony CRT now (xcracking picture on that by the way!!)

good luck anyway with whatever you decide, but you will not be disappointed with the PWD8

Neil F Holland

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I don't know anyone who drives a Ferrari... :(

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