see and use ALL folders on networked pc's


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Hi, i have about 5 pc's in total, all running Vista.

I can see all pc's in the network and i can se/play/view all media stuff (sharing is turned on in WMP11 (and in control panel)

but, what i want to do is access and manipulate any pc from any pc.
For example, writing a word document on my laptop, but saving it to my documents" on the main pc downstairs.

I'm sure it should be quite simple!

All pc's have avg (anti-virus) and pctools (firewall) running.
They are all on the same network, and as explained before, they can all (see) each other.

Any pointers appreciated.


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You would need to share your "My Docs" folder on the main PC. So that you can access it from your laptop.


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Well thats how i used to do it in XP.......

But in Vista i have to set users permissions etc etc
The only folders i can see anywhere are "all users" ones....
i want to be able to drag and drop any do anything with any file from any pc....

Can anyone offfer me a step by step guide in Vista please


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okay, i've goten round it by creating a guest account, but that would allow anyone with acces to my network to mess around with my files.

A few of my friends who come round to my house have acces to my network for the internet and streaming etc.

How can i ensure i share the files only between MY pc's?

I'm assuming its to do with password protection, but this isn't particulary clear in the Vista help stuff

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