SED TV Production announced for 2007

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    Canon and Toshiba announced plans to begin production of SED displays in July of 2007. This will mean they should be launched to consumers sometime in the fourth quarter of next year. Toshiba / Canon who jointly developed the future display technology hope the release prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics will provide promotional opportunities.

    SED stands for Surface Electron Display, similar to CRT but instead of a single large emitter the SED display will be comprised of thousands of tiny emitters in a flat panel. The technology was first demonstrated at CEATEC in Japan in September of 2004 and it promised to be thinner, cheaper and consume less energy than LCD. But since the demo in ’04 the release of the new technology has only been mired in delays.

    A spokeswoman for Toshiba told the press recently: “Price falls in the flat TVs have been much steeper than we had anticipated… We would like to work further on rationalization of production and cost cuts before an actual launch.”

    Doubts have been raised within the industry that SED will ever see the high definition light of day. Observations about the mature and highly competitive market present doubts about the viability of a new display technology stepping in at such a late date. Prices have been dropping for large flat panel TVs since 2004 at averages of greater than 30% and deflation is expected to continue. This presents Toshiba and Canon with a market space of a widely differing hue than the one in which they resolved to compete back in 2004.

    Koichi Hariya is an analyst from Mizuho Securities that has his doubts about the new display’s release and says: “By the time of launch flat TVs from such companies as Matsush*ta, Sony, Samsung and Sharp will have been on store shelves for quite a few years.”

    Toshiba and Canon have stated they plan to invest 200 billion yen to develop SED. But this pales in contrast with the budgets for other display types. Sharp will build a new LCD plant in western Japan that will cost the company 200 billion Yen. Matsush*ta, makers of the Panasonic brand will spend close to that amount on a new plasma factory in January. Newer and larger assembly facilities will means even lower costs to consumers in the near future.

    For a developing television technology a clear picture emerges of a tough road ahead. It would come as no great surprise if Toshiba and Canon pull the plug on SED.

    Wayde Robson

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