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Security systems for cafe


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Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask for this actually.

I'm looking for security system for our new cafe which will be opened in February and so far quite like Yale Yefkit2 for the smart alarm system and Netgear Arlo for the security camera. I know that Arlo only record based on motion detection, do i need to record 24/7 for commercial property o can i just set it on the motion active at night when we close the shop?

Are there any other better system that doesn't involve monthly payment on the top?

Many thanks

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Hi there

Firstly will you be licensed to sell alcohol? If you are then that might stipulate some minimum requirements for your CCTV.

I'm not a massive fan of systems that only record on motion. There are 2 main issues. The event fails to trigger. You need to prove what happened in the gap.

The first is self explanatory, the second is slightly less obvious. I walk into a space and am filmed. You are burgled. I leave by the back door and am not filmed leaving. When I say that I was lost, immediately turned round and left on discovering my lostness (I know not technically a real word) how do you prove I didn't. You don't have any footage.

Motion triggering generally relies on a small trigger patch to avoid false alarms, sometimes it's what happens on the edge of the screen that is important. At the end of the day hard drive space isn't so expensive that you can't have a rolling couple of weeks 24/7

What about during the day? If someone nicks money from your till, abuses a staff member or claims something happened which didn't how do you prove it? I don't know if you saw the CCTV footage of a bloke releasing a rat in a restaurant then claiming it had just been wandering around ?

Internet based CCTV systems rely on the network working which they don't always do. I would suggest a stand alone DVR and cameras connected to it. By all means connect the DVR to your router to remote access or receive alerts but there are no on-going costs, if you want HD you can have proper 1080P over multiple channels without band width issues and you are in total control. You can also choose decent cameras which allow you to optically zoom in or out during installation to make best use of your available pixels (as opposed to fixed lens cameras ).

Hope that gives you food for thought.

Can you see what I did there :)



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Thanks for the reply.

No, we don't sell alcohol.

The other camera I'm looking at is Ubiquiti Unifi Dome camera and Ubiquiti Unifi NVR with 500gb but i probably replace it with 1tb.

Is the Ubiquiti Dome camera would be sufficient for my shop? I'm thinking about getting 2 cameras for the shop.


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