Security Light Switching On & Off Help!


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Our security light as developed a bit of a strange fault and before I think about replacing it thought I'd ask a question.

I fitted this at the front of my house around 18 months ago and set it up to suit my requirements. I noticed that once it activated in disk/dark conditions it switched itself on and off several times before going off completely. Because we live next to a communal path between two houses I just thought that it activated the on & off process depending upon how many times people passed by and operated accordingly?

However, I have just replaced this with another security light at the front of the house and installed this to the rear. However, the issue remains. Once activated the light will come on for just under two minutes and then go off, but again this will repeat seventeen times before going off completely. The time the light stays on can be adjusted accordingly, as can the dusk settings, but I cannot figure out why this should operate on and off seventeen times on each occasion?

There is nothing to cause the PIR to activate, such as trees or washing on a line etc.. and no passing people. Any ideas peeps??


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I think this is a common fault with these lights and sensors.
I've had a few doing the same thing and no amount of fiddling around with the settings cured them.
I gave up and just bought new ones.
I suspect it's just the cheap mostly Chinese electronics inside that go duff.


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Hi. I have messed around with it for a couple of hours today and finally given up and replaced it with another. Strange fault but I suppose it could be cheap Chinese crap electronics. Thanks all

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