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Been saying I need to do this for the last couple years, but really haven't pushed it much farther as what I have now works.

I live in the country, 500' driveway, closest neighbor is 440' away. In the summer, when the leaves are on, you can't see my house from the road and only from one neighbor over 2000' away. In the winter only two neighbors can see me (900' and 2000' away). I don't have a lot of random traffic up the driveway, well that I know of. House has been broken into once in the early 2000's before I bought it from my dad, but he was also wintering in the Florida for the winter, so no tracks up the drive.

Right now I have two cameras running. One is the Nest indoor camera, which works great. I originally got it to monitor my dogs while out of town as I only had someone coming in 2x a day to check on/feed them. But I still use it and it is set to record when I am away. I also have been using the Manything App with various old iPhones over the years, which I actually love. It's fast at notifications, but it does pick up light changes from say the clouds rolling by so I do get some false notifications. But despite that I really like the app. I do wish it picked up a little farther away, as it only does about 45'. It doesn't do night vision, but I have 3 large flood lights that are motion sensing that come on for that area.

I have a Nest Thermostat, not that it really matters for security cameras. Just sharing all the info for a better picture. Not sure if I'd go down the path of a Ring Door Bell or similar as I don't get a lot of traffic here, other than the occasional delivery.

I'm thinking 1 or 2 cameras pointing out at the driveway, and maybe a Ring (or another brand) doorbell for a closer look to who's at the door. I could see maybe a 3rd camera indoor for when I get a new dog but not sure on that. The only reason I'd add anymore would be to put at the corners of the house to see what animals come through the yard at night. I guess they would monitor is someone didn't come in the driveway and walked around or something.

I thought about tossing a couple Ring Flood/Camera units up in place of the motion lights, but they are on a switched leg and occasionally they get turned off if the wind is triggering them. Bro-in-Law likes his new Blink XT2 wireless, but I've read their motion detection isn't all that great.

Not opposed to running Ethernet cables to them either.

I have good internet as well............112-115 down, 14-15 up.

The only brand I am familiar with (other than Manything and Nest) are made by Lorex. We have 7 of their 2mp IP cameras running at work. They work great, but their detection stuff is to sensitive if you ask me. But maybe I don't have it setup right. Every little bug that passes by, or rain drop triggers it.

I would like something that records, sends notifications rather quickly, has a decent range (more than 45ft) and has night vision. Maybe add a door bell camera to it. Read one of the posts, don't remember brand, where they have it tied in with their NVR so they can see it as a camera as well.

I just started reading the forums today and I see HikVision mentioned a lot. Not that they would integrate together but I would like to add a home security system eventually. But that's a whole nother issue...........with 6 (8 if I include garage doors but I get alerts when they open anyway) and 33 windows (if I don't include the porch) and how to deal with roaming pets.

I'll do some more readying, but if anyone has any input I would love to hear it. THANK YOU

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