securing above fire to plasterboard


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i would like to fit my pw6 plasma to the wall above my fire, only problem is i have 1 stud running right down the centre but the next stud is 600 from it either side so i only have 1 to screw into,
will a screw at the top middle and bottom middle of the bracket hold as well as plasterboard toggle bolts in all the other securing holes.this would mean it is going up with 2 large screws and about 8 toggle bolts.


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You would be better going through to the hardwall that the stud is fixed to and use spacers to achieve good compression without stressing the plasterboard. If you use the fire then the heat will effect the fixing in to the stood as the stood and screw expand and contract. It's a lot of plasma to trust to 2 screws. Whatever it looks like will be behind the mounting plate so you only have to worry about making it good once you remove the plasma.


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this is my advice of the best way for you.. first mark your wall where the bracket is going to be fixed using the bracket as a template, then mark another template about 25mm inside this line, now if you cut this out carefully and remove the plaster board you will have a nice big hole for all wires etc to be run, keep the plasterboard and it can be re-used or if its damaged use as a template. the large hole you have you can now fit in timber supports all around to the next main timber bearing in mind where your fixings will be for your bracket so you can put in all support you need, once this is done refit the cut out you saved or cut a new piece and fill the gap with a good filler. final job is to fit the bracket and you know where all timbers are because you put them there and the bracket will also hide the cut line as you cut smaller than the bracket.. easy....

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