Secure Media cables behind real Chimney Breast


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Hi, I'm planning to mount 55inch OLED TV and Sound bar on real chimney breast (which is closed and not used) and XBox/Switch consoles & 4 gang power extension on the bottom shelf of Chimney breast (see image). Thinking to put 2 gang power extension for TV/Sound bar behind TV and hide all other cables (HDMI and power ext cables) by putting the hole on the chimney and insert the cables behind the chimney breast and pull those from the shelf. HDMI cables will be connected to the consoles and consoles plugs will be plugged on to 4 gang power extension. Both 2 gang and 4 gang power ext cables will be plugged into one of the socket next to the chimney.

- The reason for 2 gang power ext behind tv was, TV/Sound bar cables length are not long enough. Also, I read somewhere it is not good to plug extension into another extension, so decided to plug TV/Sound bar extension directly to the power socket instead of using 4 gang ext. Hope all make sense?

- There are lots of dirt inside the chimney and I just wonder is there anyway to secure the cables? I was thinking about PVC pipe and insert the cables inside but it'll just hang around and there wont be any balance. Can you guys provide any others ideas?

Update: Just noticed Amazon product. This may work?



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There's no need to secure the cables especially if the chimney is sealed off at the top.

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