Second TV has lost loads of channels...


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Hi all,

I'm wondering if someone will be able to help me with a problem i've been having for a few weeks now with my bedroom TV.

A few weeks ago it stopped showing ITV, C4, 5 etc saying no signal when I selected them, after a retune I lost them all completely and now I can pretty much only get BBC1, 2 and Three no matter how many times I retune.

Its a communal aerial as I live in a flat and it had been working perfectly with the inclusion of a signal amplifier up until it decided not too. As far as I've been told nothings changed with the communal aerial and no ones reporting similar problems.

We have a freesat box in the living room that we run the signal through in order for it to link up to the aerials in the other room but we haven't changed anything with that.

Anyone have an idea what it could be? Signal booster failed? Im at a loss at the minute and its becoming a little frustrating.


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Take the bedroom TV to the location where your main TV aerial point is and connect it there. See what it can tune to, and if you can display and write down the signal strength it reports for each mux.
If it receives all your required channels then move it back to the bedroom. Do not retune it again.
If you lose some channels in the move and the strength of the others is reduced you need to investigate the cabling between the two rooms.

The quality of bought flyleads (the cables that connect wall socket to TV) is often dubious, best to make your own with thick coaxial cable and metal plugs.


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If you get the channels retuned using the other aerial do not consider retuning again when you return to the usual one.

As has been mentioned on numerous threads, here and elsewhere, the last thing you should do if you lose channels is to retune.

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