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Hi all. I'm a bit frustrated at the mo - feeling the tension between wanting to keep my HCPC set up stable and wanting to play games. The two don't mix. I'm presently using catalyst 3.8 drivers with my Radeon 9500 and these work fine with Theatertek; but playing games often requires the latest drivers. If I stick in a higher version of Catalyst I get sound drop outs in TT. What I need are two dedicated PCs...

I have a second PC upstairs which I could dedicate to HCPC purposes, while keeping the first as a gaming machine. The one upstairs has a 1gig duron cpu, pc chips 810 mobo, 128mb ram and IBM 60 gig hdd. It uses onboard vpu and sound at the mo, but I will replace these. Do you think that this second machine would do a decent enough job at HCPC with the addition of a bit more memory, vpu and soundcard? Is a 1 gig Duron up to the job? Would a Radeon 9200 suffice? Or would the end result be worse than my present HCPC which runs a Radeon 9500? As ever, don't want to spend too much cash!

Really appreciate your second opinion before I proceed.




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I use theatertek on a radeon 9000 and a duron 1G and it runs just fine. The only problems I have is that I cant` turn on all the filters in DScaler when I watch tv on my tv card.


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