Second Hard Drive Issues.


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Hey guys,
I recently bought a SSD for my OS drive and planned to use my original disk as a data disk. After a few days i started getting problems; really slow booting, itunes intermittent pausing, second hard drive disappearing. If removed the second hard drive the computer went back to its usualy super speed but obviously without my files etc. After doing everything i could think of (cables swapping, Mb bios update, Kill it hardrive erasing then reformatting, Hd tune checks (mostly passed but failed once). reinstalling IDE drivers. I decided it had to be a faulty HD. I therfore bought a 1tb Samsung F3 for a replacement. After installation (copying all my music) everything was running fine for about a day then the same problems occurred.

I would say im adept and computers and this is the first problem i have encounter i have not being able to solve. My thought now is its either a compatibility thing with my MOBO or maybe a PSU problem. I doubt its the HD and both seem to have the same problems. Basically i built this pc around 4 years ago and have been slowly upgrading to match new trends games etc. Any thoughts which could help?

Here is the current setup:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 (2.66)
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
OCZ Vertex 2 80Gb
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3
3Gb Corsair XMS2, DDR2 PC5400
Asrock ConroeXfire-ESATA2, i945P,
460W Xclio StablePower PSU 14cm Fan
Creative Xfi Gamer
ATI 5770 1gb


Was it a clean installation of Windows 7 that you did with you SSD?

Did you disconnect the mechanical drive when the SSD was installed and had the OS installed?


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Hey mate,
Thanks for the reply. The installation of windows 7 was a clean install.

When installing windows the SSD was the only drive in the system. The other drives were then added after.



Not really sure what the problems might be but did you do any tweaks to optimize the SSD and Win7 installation etc, for example;

1) Any registry hacks
2) Enable AHCI mode in the BIOS
3) Disable Windows search
4) Disable indexing in the hard drive menu
5) Disable hibernation


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Yep i did do a few tweaks:
1) I cant quite remember but im sure i didn't touch the registry.
2) AHCI mode is enabled but i tried IDE mode and the same problems exist.
3) Nope dont think so
4) Yes i disabled this for my SSD but its enabled for the HD
5) Yes hibernation is disabled

Maybe i will just re-install windows. Start from scratch. What mode do you recommend IDE or AHCI? Also is is best to install with or without the F3 is the system.

Thanks again for the help.


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Right after about 3 weeks of this i seemed to have sorted it. I will give it a few days to be certain.

Did a reinstall of windows but same issues arrived so this did not fix the problem.

Although this is what did:
1. Changed Sata Power connector (done before but getting impatient)
2. Swapped the two sata cables leaving in the same MB connectors (Boot screen now shows F3 and master and SSD and slave but still boots fine and both run DMA mode)
3. Used Intel driver update to update the chipset drivers.

Just played an entire HD movie in 4x speed without any issues. This usually creates stuttering and freezing. Fingers crossed it will keep working fine as its been a right ball ache.

Thanks shadowboxer for your help


No worries. Hope its sorted.

Generally AHCI mode will give you better performance than IDE mode. As of the second (storage drive), you should always install Windows 7 with just the SSD attached to the motherboard and not any other drives. It's to do with where the page file gets written and read to when installing fresh again. If all else fails a clean installation generally works. Sounds like it may have been a driver issue then in the end?

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