Second hand value ?




I'm giving serious consideration to changing my Pioneer AX3 for something which would suit my Monitor audio radius speaker set up better tonally.

Question is, how much can I realistically expect to get for my AX3 ???

Anyone got any idea?


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Not being flippant here, but the truth of the matter is that you'll get what someone is prepared to give you.

If they really need/want it, they'll give you more - if they decide they'll have it for, e.g., a spare, they'll offer buttons.

It's just a hard fact of life.

Best of luck,



Yes I'm aware of that, but if anyone has sold one recently at least that'll give me some sort of idea. I can't put it in the classifieds without a price, I don't want to give it away but I don't want to price it too high either ?

thanks for your comments though.


The thing I always do is lookup the item on Ebay, if it's for sale there anyway.
Also if you are an Ebay member you can look-up ended items as well, luckily you get a match. At least that way you'll have an idea what others are asking and what people are bidding and what it actually sold for recently.

Simply see if you find the item for sale anywhere and what asking prizes are.


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stick in a high price and see what the best offer is. there realy is not much value in second hand electronics as products are released so quickly now it kills the value of old ones. its a case of Hope for the best price

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