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Second hand mission fs1 5.1 system major problems

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by tim k, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. tim k

    tim k

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    I bought this package on ebay today:


    Paid using paypal for security, all looked fine when the guy delivered in our same home town, but when i connected it to my denon 1805 amp there seems to be major balance problems. Im fortunate enough to have tested the mission 5.1 system below this model which had a great sound. I am getting major buzzing from a few of the speakers, the centre lacks total bass, very tinny. and the sub is not responsive to a test tone although it does output some sound when playin dd movies, however it does not react to the volume button on the back of the sub. I have used the umbilical cord supplied with the system, and also tried a seperate sub cable, but no better.

    no what should i do, i have read on this site that a few of u had sub failures and got them fixed from mission. i love the look of the 5.1, very nice flat speakers, and for 187 quid i would be happy if it was fully functional. should i pursue a repair from mission or ask for refund from the seller and put my money elsewhere. i want some flat satellites, do any other brands do these for under £500?? Also what is the ultimate 6.1 under £1k??

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