Question Second hand Epson TW9000 in 2020. Is this a good deal? Need help fast.


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There is used Epson TW9000 for sale locally. Bought in 2015, 2000 hours on the lamp and does not come with 3D glasses. Asking price is 320€.

Most likely on second lamp so total hours ~6k. I don't care about 3D so no glasses is fine. Image is clean so it has been kept well. Is this a good deal that I should grab? Need to decide fast. I have been using Epson TW3200 since 2012. My friend would want to purchase it from me if I upgrade. So this upgrade would cost very little money. Seems like no brainer to me?

I have total control of light in my theater. My current screen is 92". Projector is mounted 4 meters from the screen. Viewing distance 3.5 meters.

Jump from TW3200 to TW9000 should be significant. What newer models are comperable to the TW9000?


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If you think its a good deal and a no-brainer then go for it!

I'm putting a small home cinema together and can't really afford the latest great 4k projector at the moment so opted for a 1080p JVC projector and must say the image it produces is superb! More than good enough for now as a stop gap!

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