Second-hand DD15 advice.


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As a newcomer to the field of subwoofers I have been reading this forum for a number of months. Not only is it educational, it is also terrific entertainment and no other forum can match it. Keep it up, guys!

The result of reading all your words of wisdom, and my bank statement, is that I have decided to look for a second-hand DD15. This choice was made on the basis that music is far more important for me than film, the built-in SMS-1 will make it easy for a novice to set-up, and the relatively small size will enable more location options. I have rejected the DD18 as the performance gain is minimal, it is slower, and some forum members have "downgraded" to the DD15.

My room is 2500 square feet, the receiver is a Sony STR-DA7100ES (with the ability to use the subwoofer output for stereo material) and the speakers are Russ' favourite GR20/GRLCR/GRfx.

Now finally to the point! Could you inform me of any reliability issues with the DD series and point out any particular factors that I should be looking for when making a purchase? How can I tell if the sub has been abused etc?

Thanks for your help, and feel free to tell me that I have made completely the wrong choice (have a feeling that I don't need to give permission for that!)

Regards, Oblomov


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Hi, I'm an owner of a DD18 and you won't be dissapointed getting the DD15.
The best thing about the subs is that they are servo controlled for minimal distortion and with the EQ lets you integrate these subs with ease. These subs should go pretty loud with little effort so if you think its not sounding as you might expect then leave it.

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