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    ive been searching through this forum for the past couple of weeks because im ready to do some upgrading(new house more room to play with).
    my first was to be my tv,(currently sony41" 4:3 rp)i was concidering the sony 41" widescreen posted a ? on some mixed feeling on it,which has put me off.

    so anyway any hc fans ultimate goal is to have a projector as you do you start looking through the video projector forum.
    after looking for the last couple of days(mega hours)i notice a few of you sugested looking at ebay and that you can get some real bargains.
    as i was planning to spend up to £2000 on a new tv.i thought i would have a look.
    to my suprise there are plenty of cheap buy e.g : barco 801 £1900,seleco spv310 £1900.(this is when i started to get excited)

    it has made me realise that i can afford a projector.theres even a seleco svp 310 for £1000 in this months hcc.

    so what im asking(after all that babbling)is has any of you bought a second hand crt projector and what to look for when buying.
    i wont buy one without viewing it first.iknow there will be risks.

    this is now deffinatly the way im going to go.then in a couple of years probably go for the ellie(plenty of good vibes about it).

    im not moving in for a couple of months so it should give me plenty of time to find o good buy.

    any help of advice will be greatly appreciated(dont want to drop a bollock).
    thanks cod

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