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Second attempt to build front speakers


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Will try to build front speakers pair.
As I don't have lot of experience it's will be building and learning for me.
Sorry not to many pictures.
Building mdf boxes with hdf sides.






Magnets built in from inside for front grills.

A bit filler .



Never ending sanding .



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Awesome work, just like your centre speaker before these.

BTW how do you rate the centre with the IPL speakers?

Unfortunately didn't finished that centre cause of colour scheme change.

But building new one now.

Finished the front speakers and I'm totally shocked how good they sound. They can easily outperform very expensive commercial speakers. Would really recommend them. The sound stage and highs is even better then Dali Rubicon ( did compare them ).


  • 20190326_180516.jpg
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As I am more then happy with fronts I did start building centre as well.

Now just sanding and polishing.


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I was a bit sceptical about the claim some say about DIY speakers but Ian from IPL Acoustics assured me they would blow the socks of anything costing 2-3 times as much and he was right. Like you I found soundstage to be incredible plus going for the transmission line as I did I am completely shocked how a small 5” midwoofer produces meaningful amounts of bass at 30hz, I’ve had towers with three 6.5” speakers doing no better down low yet not coming anywhere close else where in the frequency range.

I’m looking forward to your review of all three when you finish. On the subject of finishing these, will you then turn your attention to the rears and design new ones of these too?
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These M3Ms will go as rears and I will build S2TLMs as fronts aftet I will finish centre.
Yeah these IPLs are amazing speakers and even at double price they would be amazing value for money.


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These M3Ms will go as rears and I will build S2TLMs as fronts aftet I will finish centre.
Yeah these IPLs are amazing speakers and even at double price they would be amazing value for money.

You are a bad influence on me because your posts have me itching to redo my own speakers. LOL

One thing I wish I had done was used biscuits to join all the panels. If I decide to redo them I’ll definitely go down this route.

Funny Ian advised me to go for their AVC2s for my four surrounds as I intend to sink them into the stud walls.


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Yeah original shape is a little bit ****** :)

I would go for m4 new for rears mostly cause of ribbons and as they got sealed build 4-8 Litres you can change shape of speakers as you like.


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When it comes to diy speaker builds @slayerx is the master.:smashin:

No no just learning :D

And some pictures of center again,
All high gloss and front just gloss cause there will be grill anyway.


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  • 20190330_155957.jpg
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Dying to hear what you think of the front three with IPL units, all working in unison. The things that everyone who hears mine are surprised how wide the sound stage appears and then the more they listen they become aware of the depth of the sound stage.

I’m that impressed I love to build a pair of their 15” subs.


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Fantastic finish on these, very well done!

I think I'd find it annoying having a big gloss speaker just below my screen. Would happily have some nice and shiny like this in a HiFi setup however!

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