Seating position in F1 2010


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Is it me or is the in car drving view wrong, I tried a friends F1 2009 and the track is viewable for all bends and braking points etc. In F1 2010 you seem to be either to low or to far forward, for instance you can't even see the wing mirrors! I just find it to hard to read the track from that view and you can't see anyone behind you through the mirrors. Does seem a rather blatant error. Does anyone know of a fix? Or is it stcuk that way!


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there is no fix although i understand that the there are some mods on the pc version which allows you to change it slightly. you just get used to it.

some cars do have the wing mirrors, having them missing on the ferrari caused a stink though. believe it or not, it appears to be an oversight by the game designers, you can bet the wing mirrors will be back for F12011.

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