Search of decent 50' TV for affordable price (+/-600eur)


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Currently in the market for a new TV replacing my old (non smart one Philips 40PFL5625H)

The TV is going to be used for watching movies and tv series through Kodi, Netflix, Disney+, NLZiet (dutch streaming) and Jellyfin (alternative for Plex). As for OS, I am thinking of WebOS (LG) or Google TV (9+, those are the latest I think). The TV should have decent colors and viewing angles.

TV's found

  • Sony KD-49XH8196
  • Samsung AU8070
  • LG Nanocell 50NANO816PA


None of these are really suited to modern streaming due to HDR. You need to be looking at TVs like the Sony 49XH9505 for streaming via Netflix/Disney in HDR.

I'd also consider avoiding new 2021 models, since those will currently be overpriced, instead try to find an outgoing 2020 model at a discount.


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Thanks for your reply, do you have more TV's (as such above 49XH9505) so that I can read into it.
Also the LG 55NANO866NA is now at discount, but can't tell about HDR (can you tell where to look at) ?
And if we drop the HDR (also looking alot with Kodi), then the TV's are still a no go (I have seen your recommendations post somewhere)


When you look at TVs specs it can be confusing because every TV is sold as 'HDR'. The problem is few can actually display the signal without problems.

If you buy a cheaper TV without ample HDR hardware like the 3 you've listed you'll get issues using HDR such as the picture looking dark and washed out. So much so that you'd actually wish you could just watch the SDR version.

And herein is the worse problem of all, you cannot simply switch between HDR and SDR. So you are stuck using HDR whether you like the picture quality problems or not.

The only way you can avoid HDR is A. Some services let you watch the HD version instead of UHD, this lets you avoid HDR, but you also don't get 4k. B. Using an external smart device instead of built in allows you sometimes to disable HDR on the device, or disable HDR on the TVs HDMI port.

So if you are looking for your purchase to be future proof, and you want an all-in-one streaming solution without external smart TV then you are best considering saving up more money and purchasing a higher end TV than you are spending this kind of money now.

The Sony 49XH9505 is actually a bit of a rare TV. There aren't many TVs with similar kind of hardware at this size. You'd need to go up to 55" models to get more similar TVs.

Looking strictly at smaller sizes:

Samsung have the 49Q80T or Q85T but these only run 60hz panels so have worse motion.
48" OLEDs - even more expensive.

At 55" you open some options up:
Hisense U8Q - the cheapest avenue to acceptable HDR picture quality.
Sony XH9005 - not as good as the XH9505 but may be okay in some HDR titles.
Samsung Q80T/Q85T/Q95T. The Q90T is as good as the Sony XH9505, the others just about make the cut for HDR.

#note - I'm not recommending 2021 models right now due to their heightened pricing, but TVs like the Samsung 50QN90A are also up there with the Sony XH9505.


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Thanks for your detailed answer. As you can see I come from Full HD, so never knew about HDR and "fake" HDR. Is this easy to spot in the specs ? Also 55 could be an option, found the 55NANO866NA, however don't know if this device has the same issue with HDR ?


Its not easy to tell from specs. The Nano86 is a mid tier TV, so doesn't meet the 1000 nits, or have good local dimming which is the baseline specs you're looking from an LCD TV.

In my guide you're looking at high tier models, cheapest is the Hisense U8Q if available nearby. Otherwise there are some options from Sony, Samsung and of course OLED models.

If you have to go down to mid tier, the Sony XH9005 is the best option, it will give you a lot better HDR than something cheaper. But it also may have problems in some titles due to not getting very bright for an LCD TV.

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