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Peter G

All this talk of dust contamination is making me nervous.

So far my Z2 has been dust free, but it feels as if it's only a matter of time before I have a problem.

I know that you can air-dust the panels if necessary, but I feel bad recommending a PJ to my mates when I know that this sort of "open-heart surgery" will be necessary at some point.

Not everyone is happy taking a screwdriver to a £1200 piece of electronics!

Does anyone have a list of which PJ's have a sealed optics system to prevent such problems?

I know that the NEC HT 1000/1100 has this feature for instance, but what about other (cheaper) models?

I notice that on Nexnix's site, the details for the Sharp XV-Z91 claim it also has sealed optics - is that true?


DLPs on the whole are more likely to have sealed optics. Cheaper LCDs don't :(

While sealed optics are of course preferable, IMO manufacturers should be easily able to produce "budget" LCDs free from dust ingress.

I've had my Sony in pieces over the weekend & would think it almost impossible dust would find its way onto the LCD panels from its design.

Why can't Sanyo take a leaf out of Sony's book?



Yeah, I don’t understand why Sanyo can’t make more of an effort in the dust sealing department either. The lens shift mechanism seems to be the weak spot for dust incursion but they never seem to amend the design sufficiently to provide a decent seal. Maybe the Z3 will be better…..:zonked:


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Single chip DLPs have the advantage of a much simpler light engine so it is much easier to control the ingress of dust and smoke with this technology.

Peter G

So does nobody know for certain if the Sharp has sealed optics?

For me that was a big attraction of the NEC models, so if the Sharp offers it at a more affordable price point that would be quite a plus.


I didn't open it up but from what I understand, yes, it does have sealed optics.

Should be confirmed by looking at the Sharp site.


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Panny AE500

Day 2 = 1 blue dust blob center FOV [field of view]
Day 12 = changed to green dust blob same place, blue dust blob now on extreme right (just outside FOV)
Day 30 = managed to blow air via can into projector in effort to remove blobs (too chicken to take new projector apart) - now have ANOTHER dust blob (blue) at the 6o'clock position. :)
In total have THREE dust blobs now after only about 1.5 months.

(projector still better than anything else this side of Sim2 Domino20 though)

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