SE Pulp Fiction and Tosh 220


Philip Newton

I read on this forum that tosh 220 firmware version 1.5 has probs playing the early edition of Pulp Fiction does anyone know if it has same probs with SE thanks in advance Phil
Could somebody just give a brief summary of what the problems were and if they were resolved, and if they work with 1.4. Or you could just give me a link to the thread, must have missed it.
If you search under "tosiba 220 and pulp fiction" it comes up it talks about picture freeze on C12. However watched SE last night on my tosh 220(1.5) and worked fine didn't even notice a layer change and chapter 12 is not the mia overdosing scene as it says in the other thread not sure if chapter stops have been moved on SE. Not sure about 1.4 version but if you have problems with Pulp Fiction (the old version) and have 1.5 and love the film just get the SE worked fine for me!

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