SE K800i - Any problem with the joystick?


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I know it's probably a bit early to ask, but have any of you lucky (or not so lucky as it may turn out) owners experienced any problems with the phone's joystick?

I own a T630 and I think it's a great phone in it's range (considering how old and cheap it is) with great features and looks but the joystick has been very unresponsive for a while now. Apparently it's because of dust that gets in and which is impossible to get out, at least without sending it back to SE. Does this model suffer from this or any other build problems? I would expect that since they made the mistake with a lot of their previous models and since this is a high-end phone, their flagship phone, that they would take precaution not to allow this elementary problem to occur this time round.

Any reassurance or otherwise appreciated, as it would help me ecide whether to buy it or not.


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Ive got a K800i but its only few days old so its not had time to get any dust so far :D saying that it does look quite like the k750i stick which i have and thats bit dodgy lately though it is best part 2 years old tbh.

The k800i might have better protection for dust with problem on previous joysticks i suppose.


i belive the k800's joystick is better sealed than the 750. mines fine so far although early days.

one little thing thats happened today is the alarm time (displayed on the screen next to the alarm bell on left hand side of screen) suddenly appears twice on the screen. one on the left and then one on the right above the date. disappears after a play inside the menus. weird but nothing major. update would sort it probably.

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