SE K510i problem.

Jun 11, 2004
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Hi All.

Is it just me or is there anyone else whose 'any key answer' feature does not work on their SE K510i?

I'm on my second brand new phone, and it has the same problem as the first. The 'any key answer' does not work.

I am well within my retailer's return/exchange period, so I can send it back and get another one immediately, however, the fact that the same problem was on two phones, I am wondering if a new replacement is the better option, or trying something else, like a software update, etc.

Anyone any ideas?

OK, if no one has this problem, then could anyone who has this phone confirm that their 'any key answer' does work?

I am asking this as Virgin Mobile tech team has informed me that the 'any key answer' only works if there is a handsfree kit installed. Is that correct? Could anyone whose 'any key answer' works normally WITHOUT handsfree prove Virgin Mobile wrong or are Virgin quite correct?


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