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I have also been looking at upgrading my kit but wonder with a lot of support for DVI including TAG and most Plasma / TV manufacturers will this not give better results as no intermeadiary box would be required such as a scaler?

Anyone seen such a setup? I have seen reports of the Electrograph and it got good reviews.

IIRC, the proposed TAG DVI interface is derived from an analogue stream within the player, therefore not purely digital from disc right the way through to display device. I believe its forbidden by the "DVD Forum" to have a pure, unencripted digital output on a DVD player and no encription scheme has yet been agreed. TAG only 'get away with it' because of the anlogue origins of the DVI signal. And who said the DVI output will be scaled ?

I think the only way right now to get a 'proper' digital video output from a DVD player is via a 3rd party SDI mod.

SDI is also an interlaced signal. So turning it in to DVI and sending it to a suitably equipped display device may actually NOT provide as good a pic as using a scaler to de-interlace and scale to native resolution then output as DVI.....or indeed using an analogue output through a scaler and on to it's analogue inputs on display...

Gordon, what is best way to feed a plasma such as the Panasonics with to achieve optimum picture quality. Would a hcpc gives better results than a stand alone dvd player...and if so..would use recomend using vga out from the pc?
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Tony Davies
If you're just going to watch DVD's then an HTPC has the potential to offer the best image quality. However not all HTPC's are equal in this regard.

A good prog scan DVDplayer like an Arcam FMJ27 is a hard target to beat fed to the component inputs of the device. If you were to go HTPC route then to gain any benefit you'd need to use the HD15(VGA) output socket.


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