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SDHC card for Panasonic SD700


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I have an SD700 Panasonic camcorder but I only have a 4gig memory card for it so far. Are there any particular makes better than others or anything I should know before purchasing my extra cards?


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I've been using a SanDisk 16gb Class 2 (slow) card in my Samsung R10. They're only 18quid from Amazon or Play and I've been recording 1080p at 25 frames per second with no problems.

Samsung do a sweet looking Class 6 (fast) SD card with a metal fascia for 35quid. I don't think there's anything that can't do.

I've always trusted SanDisk and never had any problems with any of the (numerous) cards and sticks I've used but I've never seen any studies. I know they make a lot of flashRAM for a lot of people so, even when it's got another name on the box, it probably came out of the same plant.


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SanDisk are good - just beware of counterfeits, so buy from a reputable dealer. For the Panny 700 I guess you'll need a fast card to handle the 1080/50p.


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Another vote for the Sandisk one from Amazon. I have recorded 1080p30 on the Kodak Zi8. If It went for a different one I would go for the Bytestor class 4 ones which are similar money than the Sandisks.


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Personally I would stick to class 6 for this cam - At less than £35 for 16 gig it's not that much money, and silly to risk problems down the line with a slower card.


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Class 6 is overkill.

At the highest recording resolution of 1080p50 the Panasonic 700 series camcorders record at a variable write speed of up to 28Mbps which is 3MB/sec.

A Class 4 card can sustain a minimum constant write speed of 32Mbps which is 4MB/sec, so a Class 4 is more than enough.

The only advantage of the Class 6 cards is the better read speed for uploading the files at 48Mbps (6MB/sec)

The Sandisk Ultra cards are rated Class 4 because of the write speed but have a read speed of 15MB/s which is more than twice the read speed of a Class 6 card.

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