Sd9500 connection ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Stoatman, Feb 25, 2005.

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    I am wondering which method is preferable to connect my SD9500E player to the receiver for 2 channel stereo. I have quite a lowly pioneer receiver at the moment and therefore is it wise to use the 2 channel output on the rear of the player and connect to a spare anologue input on the amp.
    If i do this is it right that the cd players DAC will be used and therefore i suggest this is going to be better. I also have a digital coax lead for movies. Problem as i have mentioned before is that the amp displays OVERLOAD when playing a cd with the anolouge signal selected. Can i connect both coax and analogue at the same time, do i need to change the output on the DVD using a menu ?.

    Also, could someone explain what the upsampling mode does and how it is utilised. :confused:

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    I don't really like the SD9500s onboard DAC - at least for redbook, it sounds pretty bad compared to any dedicated CDP.

    For movies in 2 channel, though, it's fine, and probably better than your receiver, so you should simply use the 2ch RCA analogue outs from the Tosh to the Pioneer.

    Upsampling is just a way of interpolating the digital source info e.g from 44.1khz to 96khz or more - the idea being you get a more refined sound from these mathematical transformations. Just play with it. Can't say I noticed any material improvement, perhaps it rounds off the edges of sounds.

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