SD330E Mono Picture only on NTSC


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Hi there - I am sure I have seen references to this problem on the forum before, but cannot find any of them.

When playing region 1 NTSC discs on the SD330E (bought from Amazon) through a fairly old Toshiba (4 : 3) TV with two scarts, we can only get a black and white picture, even although the video output is set to Auto and picture to RGB. PAL discs play perfectly alright.

I am wondering if this problem could be TV related rather than the player itself?

Anyone any ideas please?

Thanks for reading.


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Two things you might want to check.

- Does the TV accept an RGB signal? The manual should tell you.

- Is the scart socket you are using RGB enabled? Sometimes a TV will accept an RGB signal only through one of it's two scarts.

Hope this helps.


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The problem is that the TV can properly display the line and field structure of NTSC but can't decode the colour information.

Possible solutions are

a) use RGB if both the DVD and TV are capable.

Failing that

b) set the DVD player to output PAL (rather than 'auto'). Most likely it will output PAL60 which involves no conversion on the picture, but DOES offer the TV a PAL colour carrier, which it will understand.


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Nigel is spot on, when video output of the Toshiba DVD player is set to Auto it will output whatever type of picture signal is on the disc, ie PAL or NTSC. Your TV does not appear to be able to decode an NTSC signal and therefore only displays the picture strcuture but not the colour information. If you set your players video ouptut to PAL it should convert any NTSC discs you have to PAL and will look fine on your TV. Alternatively you could get a new TV as pretty much all TVs on the market here now acccept NTSC signals as well as PAL signals. Ddin't mean to repeat everthing Nigel said, just enforcing that what he said is correct.


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Hi guys - thanks for your input. I have already tried setting the video out to PAL but the DVD player reported "Restricted".

The TV, which is my mother-in-law's, is a hired set - it has two scarts but I don't know if it actually works on RGB or not, although I did originally set the DVD player to output RGB and it works fine on region 2 discs.

As to getting a new TV - well, that one's completely out of my hands. I do have a new Sony 36" set myself with two RGB enabled scarts, so perhaps the best way to tackle this problem would be to bring the DVD player to my own home and try it on my TV - that will at least let me know if the problem lies in the DVD player or the TV.

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.

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