As a very happy owner of a Fujtisu P42VHA30 I have been playing round with various settings looking for that perfect picture.

I have been comparing NTSC to PAL (DVDs). I have a flipper disk (Ambient Waterfalls) that has PAL on one side and the same content in NTSC on the other.

I was interested as to whether I could see a difference between the two. I know PAL has a higher resolution but on a SD plasma that would be scaled back down to 480 lines.

I predicted that NTSC (with no scalling) should look better however I doubted if I would notice the difference. (I didnt notice difference on 68cm Sony CRT.)

The PQ on PAL was excellent but the NTSC was better again. I played sections over and over trying to identify why. It was close but in the end the only way I could describe it was the NTSC version had a smoother more natural (less processed?) look, this was particularly true of the flowing, splashing water.

What are the experiences of other SD plasma owners re PAL vs NTSC PQ?

Is it the plasma scalling or is the difference with the DVD player processing (Pioneer 655A in my case) (plasma is my guess)

Do you notice a difference?

I'm tempted to purchase something like the Region 1 superbit version of Fifth Element as a "show off" demo disk.



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