SD on HDTV. More bareable on a 20" or a 40"?


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As the title asks. Ive heard it a million times [SD is crap on hdtv]but ultimatley im goin to get a LCD and im goin to play my ps2 on it. ATM i would be happy with a 20" or a 40" since my tv atm is like less that 12" [Horizontal, about 15 diagonal] So the deciding factor here becomes; which size is more bareable for SD?


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That will depend entirely on the TV , and how good it is at handling the SD signal. Some 40 inchs and above are excellent at handling SD , some are terrible.

The best thing you can do is get to see the set first and have them put on some SD football , which is great at showing up bad sets.

Dont be fooled into thinking a small LCD set will automatically be good at showing SD , it wont , the circuitry in the TV still comes into play here and small sets can be just as bad at SD as bigger ones.

As I said , get a look at the TV first !


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As above,really.

In general,smaller sets from the better known manufacturers will show less of the faults in a freeview picture. as has been said,some makes,Panasonic comes to mind,are good at Sd at larger sizes straight out of the box while others,Mine for example arnt and need some calibration.

Attaching other scources is helped by the connection.An HDMI connection is in my opinion, the best.Some will say that for some scources Componant is as good if not better.Its down to the viewer to decide.

So as andy1249 has said,get a look at as many different makes in different sizes as you can and then decide.what looks good to you may not look as good to others,but youre buying it for you.

good Luck



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SD quality on my 32" is great, it all depends on how you have your TV setup, the PS2 has a video output of 480p on most games so theres gonna be a bit of pixelation but i think it should be fine.


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Well having seen SD via inbuilt Terrestial and Freeview on my folk's 1080p Sharp LC42XD1E (a nearly 2yr old design) I would agree that SD can be weak on a big screen, but they get their SD via a Virgin+ box upscaled to 1080i via HDMI and that's fine.

I have a 1080p Sony 40v3000 (1yr old design) and was expecting Freeview SD to be weak as I only got it really for feeding from HD/HDMI devices, but in reality I am VERY pleasantly surprised by the quality of Freeview SD on it. Of course watching HD material makes you recognise the 'softer focus' of SD but typically you're not directly comparing them. As such I'm HAPPY with SD on it and if anything would like a 46... 50... 60... set :)

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