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What does the quality of ordinary DVD's appear like on HDTV. I already appreciate the immense difference between watching SD and HD programmes on a HDTV but with 200+ DVD's that I currently play on my Arcam DVD player and Loewe TV would the quality of those DVD's be the same or worse if I was to purchase a HDTV.


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Depends alot on the quality of the tv you buy! ive got a sony 40w2000 and watch lots of SD dvd's and to be fair they look pretty good! Some look nearly as good as some HD content, although really good HD is better, Does that make sense??????


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Also depends on the actual DVD encode.
Some of mine look amazing upscaled or prog scan, fast and the furious looks great, the colours are really sharp and vibrant.
Whereas my missus was watching Titanic the other night and it looked sh!te in comparison!!


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I find DVDs played through a xbox 360 via componant to my 40w2000 look very good, much better than my old old pioneer 535 did to a crt anyway.

Indiana Jones

If the DVD is a good transfer then usually it will look pretty good on an HDTV, off the top of my head I can recommend Band of Brothers as watched that through only last week and it looked fantastic, so much detail in the picture it was hard to believe it wasnt HD :smashin:

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