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hi all, have just bought a canon 450d camera. can anyone tell me the best sd card to buy for it. and the best place to buy from. also can someone explain how a battery grip works. and is it best to have one. hope you can help. kind regards. gboy.


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7dayshop are very cheap for memory cards. I'd use Sandisk Ultra II or higher and a minimum of 2GB, probably 4GB.

The battery grip depends on whether you like a bulkier camera and also whether you have a heavy lens attached. It can help balance things out better with larger lenses. If you don't find battery life an issue, don't have a large lens and like the 450's size, then I wouldn't bother.


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I've just bought a SanDisk extreme III 4gb SDHC card for £13.79 from (went through Amazon)


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could someone please tell me the difference between compact flash memory and sd memory ? regards. gboy.


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Don't really know much about CF, but I believe it's more expensive.

You don't need to worry about CF if you're buying memory for the 450D, because it only takes SD cards I believe?


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