SD cards & Virtual console games questions


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Hi there,

Last night I bought Legend of Zelda & Super Mario 64 from the virtual console shop thing and they downloaded to my internal 512mb memory.

Every time I try to copy the game file to my SD card (of which the console recognises fine) it hangs on the transfer.

When I go back look after I have rebooted after the hang, I see a transfered file of 1 block which is unusable.

Is this meant to happen? Is this just Nintendo's way of stopping you transfering downloaded games?

Any help would be great.


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I have a Kingston 2GB SD card which seems to be found correctly by the Wii as it displays the amount of blocks I have free (loads).

Do you have to format it or something before use?

I remember having it in the slot on the console before I did the update that allowed functionality for it, would this make a difference?


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I have copied my retro games to my Sandisk 2gb SD card (15,000 blocks free!), and although they copied ok you cant run them from the card. Thats very annoying. I hope they update that.

I didnt have to format the SD card, it just detected it as so. Mind you, you do have a note with the console documentation saying that you have to run a software update to use SD cards....


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I hope I haven't buggered things up by having the card in their prior to updating the firmware.

Might try taking the card out later on & then re-inserting it and seeing if I have more luck.


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I am not sure how the capacity of a 2GB SD card works?

Say for example you down loaded mario 64 , how many times would that fit on a 2GB SD card?

Can anyone confirm that how this all works ?
Do you download initially to the internal memory, then transfer to an SD card, thus freeing up the internal memory to use again by deleting from it:)

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what file format is your memory card? if you formatted it as fat 32 it might not work

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