SD Card Problems???


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I have just tried to save a video to an SD card and watch it on the PS3. I converted the .mov to an .mp4 using video 9 copied it to the card and stuck it in the PS3. The PS3 recognised that an SD card had been inputted but when I selected it under Videos it said "No Videos Found"....fair enough I thought I must have done something wrong.
I then took the SD card out of my Wii (which has a few.JPG pictures on it) and tried that in the PS3....again it recognised the SD card but when I went to photos it said "No Photos Found" this is odd as the Wii can see the .JPG's no problem...I'm beginning to think that my PS3 has a faulty SD slot or something...can anyone offer any advice??? (It is a standard 1GB SD Card)

Mark Morb.


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If i remember, you have to press triangle and view all, not just press X on the SD card option that comes up when you put on the SD card.

Or something like that. Try that. :thumbsup:


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yeah, either the movies or pics need to be in appropriately labelled folders (ie music or pictures etc) or just press triangle and view all to find the req'd media.


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Brilliant, well done guy's I had to press Triangle and then Display all and it worked....great stuff.


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