Question SD card footage only looks good when viewed on TV through camcorder, nowhere else


Thanks Mark for the suggestion of the 4K player, as this is my next option. I am looking on amazon as we speak, and there are loads to choose from.
Loads to choose from is really understating it, there must be thousands ranging from the cheap Android boxes to high end players such as the Dune.
For more info have a look in the dedicated section of the forum - Video Streaming Boxes & Services



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ok guys, this gets weirder and weirder !!

After my test footage that I spoke about earlier (with the HD footage looking great and the 4K footage looking 'choppy). - I replayed it again, and both now look absolutely fine on the TV. I have since gone back to the original footage that caused the entire of this thread in the first place, and now that looks fine as well. The 4K footage looks fine playing on the TV via both the SD card, and when I transferred it to the PC then copied it to the external drive.

I seriously have no idea how it has suddenly changed. But safe to say its the TV that has caused the 4K footage to originally look 'choppy'.

There is one other clip that still looks bad, but all else looks fine (which is kind of annoying).

There will no doubt be an explanation (some setting on the TV that has magically decided to now work). SO I will go through all the TV settings to see if anything could have caused it. I havent changed anything. I did change the picture mode (from normal to dynamic, but then back to normal). It may be that this has somehow kicked something into place.

So........I dont know what else to say. Except apologies for all of your time as it now all looks ok. Modern tehcnology at its best.

I will still buy a SD reader though as I do need one. And I will also look at the media players too (thanks for the link Mark).

But im happy that it does not appear that either the camera or the SD cards were at any fault.(though its a niggle to not know why all now seems ok when for 4 weeks it hasnt).

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