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Having used Hi8 up until now the whole Digital 8/DV/Mini DV/DVD thing passed me by, but out of interest during that time what were the most respected machines for solid SD (DVD) output using analogue connections?

By analogue I mean RGB or S-Video - not component. Features like accessory shoe, manual shutter and iris, image stabilisation and nightshot are plusses.

I often see used machines for sale but not knowing what is what I don't make a move on them. I got a Panasonic TM900 last week but the designers did not have me in mind (the picture outputed is just too small) so I will be on the lookout for something better suited for my purposes.

Any and all make/model numbers appreciated.


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Just wondering, what do you mean by "the picture outputed is just too small" ?

I mean the picture does not fill the screen either side to side nor top to bottom when set to 4:3 output - it just floats with black bars all around. I put a clip here demonstrating the issue. The manual even admits to this on page 105.

I was looking at a NV-GS400 MiniDV camcorder. Are these a respected machine?


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Widescreen can look a bit strangled, until all the right settings are in order (on the Playback route). Maybe SoundBox needs to compare the Pana output with a commercial DVD (say).

However it will be difficult to have anything else, as manufacturers and filmakers are very keen to force this format upon us.

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