Scumm on PSP - possible ? and if so how ?


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Have a PSP - is it possible to run Scumm and play Monkey Island on it ?

What do I need to do to get it to work ?

Have 3.01 as System Software


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I very much doubt you'll be able to run them on a 3.01 system. You would need either 1.5 or one of the custom firmwares which allow homebrew...

Since you're at 3.01, I doubt you can downgrade for a while (until they bring out a downgrader, which they're probably almost at for 2.80, but not quite for 3.01 since there is no known way to run code on it...

But once you're at 1.5 of one of the custom firmwares, then you should be able to find a homebrew emulator for it...


yarr with 2.80 and earlier it be possible to sing such classics as theres a monkey in my pocket and hes stealin all my change and arr! all scummvm games on yer psp bounty.
fingers-crossed there will be a 3.01 downgrader at some point

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