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I've just got myself a Boom. I've set up a LastFM account (free one) and added artists I like to my Library. LastFM is playing fine through the boom. However, when I check the LastFM website it tells me that the playcount for ALL my artists/songs etc is 0. Also, on the Boom itself the Recently Played list is empty, even though I've listened to LastFM for hours on the Boom. Does this mean that it's not scrobbling? If so, how can I set it up correctly?

I've set up my account on SN but haven't installed SC. The one thing I've noticed is that on the accounts/LastFM page on SN, after the details of the account I've authorised on LastFM it says "Player" but then nothing else, just the Save Changes button. Should there be something there?

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You say you have created your account on squeezenetwork.

Have you also authorised you Last.FM account under the accounts section of SN?

Under accounts, click the tab for Last.FM

Does it say "xyzaccount (Authorized for Radio) "

If it doesn't you enter your account there and how you would like it to report the tracks to last.FM

Under that it then shows a line that says "squeezebox" and quotes my last.Fm account in a dropdown box.

There is also another place you can check that autoscrobbling is on for last.FM.

If you click the PLAYERS section of SN and click on your actual squeezebox boom on there (it is not underlined but you can click it). Here you can specifiy SN settings but at the end there should be a Last.FM tab with another drop down and you can see if your last.FM account is there?

All works perfectly from my Boom, and also from my SqueezePlay PC players? Although I do have squeezecenter installed but you should not need it?
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