Screws for ceiling mounting? With PJ or Unicol mount?


Hiya dumb question No. 43455 from me. :)

I'm packing up my AE100 after selling it in the Classifieds here and I can't remember if the screws to attach it to the Unicol mount came with the pj itself or the mount? I thought they came with the mount but I'm not sure, anyone know?

I don't want to send them and then find my AE500 (if i get one) doesn't come with it's own.


No big deal either way. A trip to your local DIY store should secure some #6 screws (IIRC). Conversely, the new AE100 owner can do the same if need be.


BTW, I assume question #43454 was answered satisfactorily as I can't remember reading/answering it myself :)


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They are provided by Unicol with the mount. I've had quite a few mounts from them and always a little bag of M? screws for the relevant pj or plasma.



Thanks guys! :smashin:

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