Screwed up computer?

NooBish AbbZ 92

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Hi guys.
I'm know very little about computers so, if possible, keep to the simple language please

So, here's the situation.

My computer was connected to wireless internet and would randomly disconnect every few days, saying either "Acquiring Network address" or "Limited connection or No connectivity" The only way to solve this was to system restore my computer to a few days earlier.

Saturday evening, internet disconnected so i system restored to day earlier. This didn't work so i system restored to around 12 days earlier.

My computer is VERY slow, by the way so i had to leave it over night (128Mb of RAM <--LOL) In the morning i checked on it. I entered password, clicked OK, then had to leave for an NCO course.

Got back around 8 hours later, the computer was still on a blank black screen, with the cursor in the middle. Left it for half hour or so, tried moving the mouse, worked fine. Ctrl Alt Del, Nothing. Enter, nothing.

So i left it for another few hours and nothing so i turned computer off by power button on front of tower.

Now, when i turn it on it goes through the normal steps until i enter password at which it comes up with the message

"Explorer.EXE - Unable to locate component. -- This application has failed to start because urlmon.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

I click OK, and then just a black screen with cursor in the middle.

Sorry for the long post, but i have no idea whatsoever, and would greatly appreciate any info on how to resolve this issue.

NooBish AbbZ 92

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yeah thats what I'm thinking. I should keep all data, right? :S
Tht's all i really care about to be honest. I'm getting laptop next week when i get paid, but i need my music to transfer across.


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yeah thats what I'm thinking. I should keep all data, right? :S
Tht's all i really care about to be honest. I'm getting laptop next week when i get paid, but i need my music to transfer across.

If you dont format your hard drive it will make a folder call windows.old where all your old files will be. Although to be onest i would back everything up just incase.

NooBish AbbZ 92

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ok thanks. I don't think i can back everything up because i can't get to the data at the moment. :S

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Search for "hard drive recovery utility". I've used one by Paragon which did the trick and was free. What OS are you using?

NooBish AbbZ 92

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windows XP. I can't even get on to the desktop, thats the problem.

I've just tried to boot from two different Windows XP CD's. Neither even made a difference. It's still acting as if booting from HDD which isn't working.


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I have to say that 128MB of ram is a ridiculously small amount of ram to be running XP with. You obviously know this already , but it has to be said. You will always have problems running XP on such a small amount of ram.

Anyway ...

Sounds to me like you need to do a repair install.

Instructions with screenshots are here.

Repair Windows XP - How to Perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP - Part 1 of 2

This is fairly easy to do , however before you can even start you need to set your PC to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
To do this you need to go into your Bios , and you'll have to check how to do this on your particular PC as its a different process depending on what PC you have.

NooBish AbbZ 92

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i've tried to boot from CD-Rom but nothing different happens. I'll have a look later when i'm home cause I'm at a mates house atm.

thanks for replying though

EDITED: I've gone into BIOS, and changed primary boot device to CD-Rom, used a wndows XP disc but when following the guide and it says the windows set-up will appear, on mine it..just doesn't..?

Would it be easier if i got a video and showed what i've done and what happens?

EDITED AGAIN: Got through repairing XP. just hit a problem with it saying the product key is invalid, when it clearly isn't. Why is nothing fricking simple -.-
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