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Screw the FX1 (to accessories)


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Being a total newbie to cameras, I've been Googling around for 5 hours a night for weeks to choose some equipment, yet it feels like the more I learn the less I know! Any insight on the following would be appreciated...

Sony FX1 will be the cam (decided against an HC1 - I like buttons to press), with an F970 battery.

It's relatively heavy so I thought a monopod resting in a belt pouch would be helpful for some handheld shots. Chose a Manfrotto 680B as the minimum length would put cam at good height for me. It will also fit into a 678 base for occasions I want it to stand alone. To add pan and tilt capability a 701RC2 head looked a good idea. As far as I can tell that pod, base and head will support an FX1 plus battery and (in future) microphone, audio input, etc.

What I'm having trouble discerning is whether the FX1 will attach to this set-up.

From what I've read, the 701 head has a 3/8" thread underneath, with a 1/4" screw coming out of the top. Is that right? (If a head is designed to fit between two components which already fit together - a cam and tri/monopod - why change the fitting between them?)

The FX1 manual states not to use attachments with a screw *length* greater than 7/32" - there appears to be no mention of the screw *diameter*.

The 701 head has a screw *diameter* of 1/4" - but I can find no mention of the screw *length*.

So, can they fit? If not, any suggestions of alternative approaches would be very helpful.

Roy Mallard

the 701 fits the FX1, the screw lensght is short enough not to damage it, the 3/8th figure refers to the female thread on the base of the head, this is a standard manfrotto fit, recent monopods have the standard 1/4inch and a spring loaded 3/8 that retracts if not required, you can buy adapters from 1/4 to 3/8 from Jessops if your monopod is older.

There are alrady shoulde mounted devices available that take the weight off the forearm, I would buy one of these instead, the cost isn't too prohibitive, also a Jessops LANC controller for £20 gives you off cmaera zoom and focus control.

I'm not on commission honest, I'm a former product buyer.


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Thanks Mr Mallard (invaluable info for "people like us" - or like me, at least). :clap:

Those LANC controls do look great (more buttons to press!) but are £200 not £20 so will have to wait a month or two.

I'll still get the monopod, but a shoulder mount too. I managed to find this for around £200:
(at bottom of page)
Looked OK to me, and cheaper than Sony's mount.

Other screw-in accessories I've been looking at are filters. Are they necessary/worthwhile for camcorders?
This Tiffen set looked a good option:

Lots of sites recommend them, but I've only found US Amazon actually selling them. Any UK suppliers out there?

Once again, opinions from anyone with knowledge on these matters would be most helpful. :)

Roy Mallard

Johnny, Shut up.

Manfrotto do an expensive but very good lanc controller, jessops do a cheap and ok one for £20. Trust me.

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