Screenshots from F.E.A.R


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So I downloaded this today (Single Player demo) and boy is it good if a little on the messed up side ! Wots that little girl all about

Ive uploaded some of my screenies here

Me thinks I'll be getting this at some point very soon ! Perhaps wait until Halloween is over tho ;)

Jim Pixel

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This game has given me the MOST amount of trouble I have ever experienced in ANY game I have EVER played and I am talking maybe a thousand or more games. I have found that the best drivers for my nVidia based 6600GT is the 81.85 WHQL set. I have tried many drivers to get to this one - from 71.89 upward. Each one seemingly having its own problems but ALL suffering the dreaded sound bug haunting F.E.A.R. - I have to start this game each time and if it doesn't lock up, I usually get the sound turning to a high pitched squeal and other harsh levels way too poor for any human ear to tolerate. I have to click on the options for about 5 minutes to make it stop, then go back to the game - this happens EVERY time I play it. Sometimes I can get away with it happening only once, while other times it happens multiple times...

I would like to see some laws coming in to protect the consumer, just like the anti-piracy laws designed to supposedly help the software companies. This game makes me wonder who is stealing whose money...

The game itself is absolutely wonderful, even one of the best, but it's all spoiled rotten by the pathetic problems that come with it... If you want my advice - stay away from it,, at least until the fix these problems, especially the sound one... Of course, I am not the only one suffering. Just use Google and type in "F.E.A.R problems" (or similar) and you will see for yourself... I am about to buy Call of Duty 2 - released her in 3 days time - The demo gave no problems so I can hardly wait... Quake 4 seems to be going well on my PC too.


Weird, I'm running the same 81.85 drivers and FEAR caused me absolutely no problems at all.

Tetchy little things aren't they!!


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Jim, What sound card do you have?. Ok SB Live just read the other thread! The obvious. Have you patched Fear and updated SB Live drivers?


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i'm using the 81.85 drivers on a geforce 7800GT and aint having any problems even running the game at max setting on everything, only conern is that the radio convo's are too quite to hear unless i use headphones or turn the volume up higher than i'd usually have it with others in. Dunno if this is just the game or maybe a sound card setting. I'm using a sound blaster live 24bit as well maybe they are faulty with the game.

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