Screensaver on XBox and RP Tips?


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Just bought my XBox.

As an RP owner, i'm a bit concerned about image burn.
btw, does anybody know how long it takes for an image burn to take effect on a RP?
Those warnings on all the XBox games have me a bit worried!

I'm using a Tosh 40WH08B. Can anybody recommend the best picture settings to use or any other RP tips?

Is there a built in screensaver that kicks in on games and the dashboard when the controller is idle for a period of time?

If so how long? and can you alter the time?
There's no mention of it in the manual.



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There's definately a 'screen saver' on the console. It goes into a low contrast mode after no use for a while. Not sure how long though as I don't own one, yet.


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I've got the same Tosh as you and have been using it with a PS2 and XBOX since they came out with no screen burn problems at all.

I've got contrast turned down to about 30 which is the setting I use for normal viewing anyway. If I'm in the middle of a game and need to pause it for any length of time, I just switch the TV off or to another channel - no chance of screen burn then.




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You shouldnt have too much of a problem, as said after around 5 minutes of idle the screen goes into low contrast mode.


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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, i find out about the low contrast 'screensaver' last night.

Johndon, what brightness setting do you use?

I find you tend lose a lot of detail on low contrast & brightness settings, but it's a fair trade-off I suppose.

More macros for the Pronto!

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