Screens: Why such a price diff?


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A question for all people in the know....

I'm about to purchase a 106" screen (92" x 52") viewable.

Ive been looking at the Draper Luma range of (manual) screens.

It is my ambition for my house to have an IR controlled electric screen

why are electric screens generally double (or more) the price of an identical manual pulldown screen


Draper Luma 106" average retail price £299.51
Draper Baronet 106" average retail price £797.71

As I understand it these screens are identical in compsoition other than that the Baronet is electrically operated.

To add to this an IR package would set me back a further £233.83.:eek:

Surely this technology is trailing edge so why the huge difference? (Not a moan, just an honest query!)


Gordon @ Convergent AV

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The expensive thing in a screen is not the material. It's the mechanical complexity of the design that affects price. I'd guess it takes longer to build an elctric screen and it's got more moving parts (including the motor which may well be MOST expensive part) hence price goes up...alot. Just ask for some quotes on tab tensioned masking screens and you'll see just how much they can go up by!



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I'd add to that - whilst motorised screens are not rocket science really, it's all economies of scale. If everywhere had a screen in a home and Microsoft made them I'm sure they'd come down in price to £100.

Mind you, it wouldn't work at all then :D

Out of interest, how much are tab tensioned, as I was thinking of upgrading when moving...?


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Thanks for the replies,

I had already considered the extra mechanical complexities (perhaps should have mentioned it). But over a 100% price difference for electric, and then an IR controller at an astonishing 75% of the original price. All for an identical viewing experience (excluding the initial ooooh & wow 2 week experience of a remote controlled screen).

As Ive said earlier in this post, Im not chuntering about the situation, just found it a little difficult to comprehend (literature on the subject is a little scarce)

With such marketplace price structures, perhaps theres a large gap in this area for someone to really clear up?

Gordon, strange how your reply was 1st, I was about to PM you this morn and ask for a few quotes:)

Oh and by the way, congrats on your recent move to independence:D :D :D


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Expanding on that - I originally had an electric screen with a wall-switch that I converted to IR using an X-10 receiver and an X-10 motor drive switch.


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Cheers folks,

I'll check out the options, I dont think I want to go down the DIY retractable screen route. I'd like to treat this project as something that will result in a standard that a professional installer would be happy with.

So I guess I'll have to put up and shut up with regard to the prices. Though I do very much agree with Cessquill's market forces point.

Oh well, hope the Mrs doesn't mind shreddies for Xmas dinner again this year:D :D :D

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