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Screenplay 7210 - HDTV Video Lag with video games

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I'm struggling to get my head around the issue of video lag with HD equipment.

I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360, both connected to a Sony STRDG910 amp by HDMI (video) and optical (for sound - the amp won't take sound over HDMI if you connect to your display with an HDMI-DVI converter, as I have to). The video is then taken by HDMI to my Screenplay 7210 projector.

I've noticed in Guitar Hero that things were maybe a bit off, but SingStar PS3 confirms it. There is no lag/delay calibration in SingStar PS3, which makes this a problem. (In GH3, I've tried calibrating lag and it usually says I'm bang on, but this could well be because I've not set up an audio delay on my amp).

Anyway, as I understand it, many HDTVs will delay the sound they receive so that everything is in sync when it outputs. In my setup, of course, the projector is only outputting video. My amp has a lag setup function, so am I right in saying that the first step with all of this is to delay the audio (on the amp) so that it matches the delayed video?

This would then put audio and video in sync, and the final tweak would be to then calibrate GH3 (and hopefully SingStar if it's ever patched) so that it happily accepts button presses/mic inputs which are 'late' and pretends they are correctly timed?

The only thing is, I've never really noticed lag when watching video (lipsync issues etc) which means it must be a really minimal lag, so I'm a bit confused as to how I go about sorting it!

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