screenplay 5700 or sim2 domino20 ?


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yes without a doubt. the sim 2 is one hell of a projector and the better of the 2.

even thou it dosent have DVI in it dosent matter. its analog images are awsome, silky smooth wonderfulness


just make sure the throw ratio fits your room, as this is a long throw PJ

Paul Hayward

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Hello 18j,

I had the opportunity to compare the Screenplay 5700 with the Domino 20. Actually, I calibrated both to D65 fairly accurately, and I much preferred the Domino 20. The 5700 was very bright and punchy with bold and vivid colour. However, the black level was higher than the Domino 20 which meant that you lost some of the image fidelity in low lit scenes that seemed a little washed compared to the Domino 20. Overall, I found the image a little too harsh and unnatural for my taste although it may appeal to others. As gandley says, the Dom 20 has a natural smoothness and wonderful colour that is really hard to beat. It is so good that it competes seriously with the more expensive models and it never ceases to put a smile on my face. I think it is an extraordinary product and a stunning bargain. The only downside of these Matterhorn 570p pj's is the chip resolution which may be a problem on a super wide screen if you sat too close up. However, sizes of 100 inches wide and below should be fine viewed at about 14ft to 15ft or more for the screen door to be totally invisible. The Domino 20 also shines with High Def material via the JVC HD Video and only lacks the razor sharp retreival of fine detail acheived by the higher res 720p chip models. The bottom line is that you really can't go wrong with this pj but you owe it to yourself to see both projectors before buying. Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

Paul H


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All the current Sim2 range that does not have HDMI will be getting it and they will be shipping in the next two weeks:) they will be £250 per unit more expensive though :(
This was told to me by the guy from Sim2 at the show at Manchester today.



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yep 2 weeks from now ship out time and that is straight from the horses mouth Sim2 UK just this afternoon.

also i saw the UKs first HT500 LINK proj in action WOW its HUGE



could i ask your the setting with the domino20???
Joseba from Bilbao

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