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I've owned a Screenplay 5700 since January and after 2 weeks I realised that there is quite a bad artifact present during horizontal panning. First of all I thought it was either the source or the type of connection/cable quality I was using. The problem is more evident using the projector for computer games. My various investigations has proved that it is common to all 5700's and also not particular to the Matterhorn DLP chip used or the DCDi Farouja chipset.
I am fairly sure the artifact is called "Posterization" where during horizontal panning any smooth/faint detail within textures become blackened and course, returning to normal when motion stops. For me it makes it too frustrating to use.
I have auditioned the Optoma H30 and also the Sim Domino 20 since and the problem is not evident.

I thought I must post this info. as the SP 5700 is still winning awards and coming top in group reviews etc.

My retailer has offered me £1500 back for it so I may do that and possibly go for the Sony VPL-HS20 as I have read that it is free from these DLP type artifacts
From your description this sounds like something I've seen called 'motion dithering artifact'. I've noticed it on all the dlps I've seen to one degree or another.

It can be seen worst on high contrast scenes with lots of detail (eg. a pan through a forest scene).

I believe it is a product of the bandwidth limitation of dlp chips.

It is one area where LCDs fair better and you should find in this aspect alone the Sony is better.

Sell your 5700 on the'll probably get more than £1500 for it.


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I notice it. All pans and tilts suffer badly from temporal dithering, it makes first person shooters look rather dull.


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I havent linked mine to a games console or PC, but I will look for it in high speed movie scenes.


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You don´t really need a high speed scene, just a camera pan or tilt. I watched "In America" the other day, and there´s a scene in the movie when the guy is throwing some stuff at a carnival or something, and the camera does pans alot, and the image looked dreadfull. Just watch any movie you have and wait for the camera to pan and you´ll see it.


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One good example is The Fast & The Furious at the start when the white car drives past. Games such as Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six 3 on the XBox, Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, and Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PS2 are ones showing the problem to full effect, more so in dark environments.
A game such as SSX Tricky 3 on the XBox is fine until you get to the night time tracks.

The way I've described the problem is to imagine a smooth marble texture where you have some detail lines going through it, slightly lighter than the rest of the texture. As soon as the scene is scrolled left or right, these faint lines become completely black and course, returning grey/faint when the motion stops. Other texture types within the same field of view and brightness may not seem to have this 'effect' applied.
It doesn't seem to apply this processing during vertical scrolling which is while driving games are OK until you crash and have to watch all the graphics corrupt as you get off the side of the road.

I am very much hoping that Infocus release a firmware patch changing some DSP code somewhere. I am currently waiting from Infocus as to their final answer.


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I am also wondering whether Infocus will release an updated firmware. For the most part the 5700 is excellent and fed via DVI from my Denon A11 gives a bright and noise-free picture.

The temporal dithering is really anoying me though. Watched the Last Samurai this weekend and in a scene where the Samurai ride out, the faces were smeared by the motion artifact. As this is a problem with the projector from new and unless Infocus come up with a solution I may have to think about alternatives.

Bear in mind that films at 24fps simply do not have the frame-rate for perfect pans without flicker but it is exagerated by the fault in the projectors display algorithms.

Please Infocus get this sorted!!!

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