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I have been looking into getting a projector for watching films for weeks now and I think from what I've read and the amount I can spend then I should get a Screenplay 4805.
I had a demo of one at the weekend and was very impressed but for all I know I may also have found an Epson TW10 good enough also but I haven't seen one in action.
Incidentally, what's the difference between a TW10 and TW10H? (if any)

Anyway my main questions are:

What sort of bulb life are people typically experiencing with the 4805?
How much would a replacement bulb cost?
And is there a danger that bulbs would become unavailable as the model gets older/discontinued?

The price I have found it for locally is £799 which seems to be the same as most other places.

Any help much appreciated,


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If you don't see the rainbow effect with DLP then the 4805 will give a better picture.

Shop around for lamps but bear in mind that you probably won't need one for some time and lamp prices are finally starting to fall for some models. Infocus have had problems with lamps being discontinued. Anyone who had a lamp on an LP340/350 blow will have felt a bit put out by Infocus charging for a new lamp but replacing the entire projector for a lesser model (we ended up with an LS120 instead of the LP350 we origionally had).

Bear in mind that neither of these projectors are HDReady.


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I think TW10 and TW10H are used in the same breath but AFAIK the TW10 was an earlier spec model and inferior to the TW10H. If buying new you'll be buying a TW10H but if looking s/h this is something you need to look out for...PJ

PS Your "friendly helpful" comment was uncalled for, a simple bump would have sufficed :nono:


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Just out of interest what do you intend to play your dvds through, a standalone player or a PC?

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