Screene size change--moving optics?

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Hi, Iam a proud owner of a NEC XG852.
My livingroom is small and i have to seat 3m away from the screen
and want to have a 2m wide horizontal picture.
My pj can only work in the room behind-the distance is 3,7m
-for the Nec means i will get a 2,7m big projection on the screen.
I do not want to decrease the size of the scanning area on the tubes-
because then i will loose resolution and brightness and also will get burned tubes(when i change the position or size later).

So my question is:

Whats your comment or experience to change the distance between the optics and the tubes
-so i will get a farer(smaller) projection?
How i get the optic off (mechanically )from my pj to look how i can do that?

Any help welcome

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Roland @ B4

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All CRT projectors work on a fixed throw of about 1.2 to 1.5 depending on the model.

For a 2m wide image your projector should be about 2.7 to 2.8m away. (refer to the manual for the exact distance) Any thing else will serriously affect the quality of the image.
Reducing the size of the image to the degree you have out lined will induce tube burn and possible tube failure due to over heating very quickly.
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