Screen woes reported on new 24 inch iMAC


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Awaiting 24" iMAC, delivery due first week in October. Very disheartened to see busy thread in Mac rumours forum regarding yellow tinting/uneven colour across the entire screen. Said to be a fault in many, ? most 24' iMACS and to render them unfit for serious photo reworking.
Anyone in this forum have any such experiences - I appreciate posters to a forum may well be wholly unrepresentative, but many there imply the problem seems inherent in current production run, with numerous replacment units also similarly afflicted.
If so, may be better to cancel my order - or do Apple have a good track record of replacing units if subsequently found to have a fundamental flaw. Don't want to embark on a round of returns - maybe am just being spooked by a minority in a vocal thread elsewhere, some reassurance from this forum would be welcome.


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No problems here with mine and I use it extensively for photos. Calibrated fine with a skyder2express. If you're reading the apple threads on either their support forums or appleinsider, it'll be a vocal minority. Think about how many of the things have shipped - bound to be a few dodgy ones here.

My own problem seems to be a duff gfx card but these things happen.


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My 24" screen had none of this - I did take it back due to it having one dead pixel and the store, incredibly, accepted this no worries. Due to get my replacement on Wednesday.

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